Ladder Diagram Toolkit for PLC on a Chip™ products.

EZ LADDER® Toolkit, a complete ladder diagram development toolkit for all PLC on a Chip™ products was released.


The first PLC on a Chip™ single PLC chip solution for OEMs.

The PLC on a Chip™, a single chip solution with complete PLC functionality was introduced.


Class 1 Division 2 product for hazardous locations.

Class 1 Division 2 product for hazardous locations.


New Corporate Headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Divelbiss relocated into a new 17,000 ft., state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facility.


Divelbiss Manufacturing Personnel receive IPC-A-610B training.

All Divelbiss manufacturing personnel are trained and certified to IPC-A-610B standards for electronics manufacturing and quality.


A 32-bit, fully integrated PLC/HMI combination controller family for control.

The Boss 32 family was introduced, providing a 32-bit solution for most control functions.


First to offer Fuzzy Logic as a standard control feature.

The first to offer Fuzzy Logic as a standard feature in the PIMS controller family.


PIMS, the first fully integerated PLC/HMI combination controller family for process control.

The Boss Bear, a fully integrated PLC and HMI controller for process control, automation and communications was introduced.


First Hand-held Ladder Diagram programmer.

The first Hand-held Ladder Diagram programmer was introduced for programming the ICM product line.


First Ladder Diagram programmer using a personal computer.

Divelbiss introduced the first Ladder Diagram programmer based on a personal computer to program the Bear Bones and Baby Bear Bones PLCs.


Introduction of the Bear Bones Programmable Logic Controller.

The Bear Bones was the first production PLC to break the $500 price barrier.


Introduction of the ICM Programmable Controller.

The ICM Programmable Controller, our first off-the-shelf programable controller was introduced.


Divelbiss Corporation Founded

Divelbiss Corporation was founded in 1974. Efforts were focused on product development and design engineering services.