Since 1974, Divelbiss has been an industry leader providing custom technology solutions; including custom Internet of Things - IOT Solutions for OEMs. We strive to understand your needs and market to ensure you get a custom IOT solution that meets your needs and fits your niche markets. We work with you to determine features, expandability, data needs, connectivity requirements and more.

Complete Custom IOT Solutions

  • IOT Hosting on Your Server by Divelbiss
  • Solutions are Scalable
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Data Logging & Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring & Notifications
  • Compatible with Custom or Off-the-shelf Divelbiss IOT Ready devices

Our engineering staff works with you from concept through implementation to provide you with the best custom IOT solution to fit your requirements. We use our vast experience in electronics, controls, communications and IOT; then add latest technology and tried and proven technology to mold a custom IOT solution including hardware and software that can satisfy your needs today while giving you room to grow for tomorrow.

Divelbiss understands the complexity and competiveness of todays markets. You can rest easy, your design is safe with us. We treat each custom design with the highest level of privacy--your design is yours and is not released to anyone other than you without written consent from you. As proof of our commitment to you, we have many Non-Disclosure Agreements in place with our customers.

Our IOT (Internet of Things) solutions use todays technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), wired, wireless, mesh networks and global positioning (GPS).

Custom IOT Server & Cloud Solutions

At Divelbiss, we understand that IOT Server and Hosting solutions must be powerful as well as scalable. Our custom IOT hosting solutions allow for hosting on your server or by Divelbiss. Our IOT solutions can be adapted to many environments including Microsoft Azure.

Whether you need only a few parameters from remote devices or large scale data, Divelbiss custom IOT solutions can be scaled to fit your data and control requirements. Web Apps can be developed to allow for mobile solutions that allow personnel to monitor and react to multiple devices and locations.

Why Divelbiss Custom IOT Solutions Work

Divelbiss' approach is to find real solutions to your needs; including hardware, software and IOT (remote control, monitoring, data-logging and reporting). We work with you to brainstorm features and needs, write specifications and then we work with you to find the best solutions.

Divelbiss has been designing and manufacturing custom electronics, controls and PLCs since 1974. Our engineers have vast experience in hardware, software and communications.

IOT Applications

  • Fleet Management
  • Pump / Pumping Systems
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Remote Remediation Systems
  • Remote Oil & Gas
  • Engines & Compressors
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  • HVAC Control
  • Engine Injection / Control / Governing
  • Packaging Equipment Control
  • Industrial Mixing Control
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Chemical Dispensing & Measurement
  • Card Access Control Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Industrial Winding / Winderss
  • Hazardous Locations / Hazloc
  • Mobile Hydraulics Control
  • Elevator Control
  • Fuel Dispensing System Control
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Shooting Range Target System Control
  • Pump Control
  • Engine Communication Systems
  • Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Die Cast Injection Servo Control