VersaCloud M2M from Divelbiss is a complete, seamless end to end, machine to machine Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) solution. VersaCloud solutions cover each area needed for remote control and / or monitoring of machinery and equipment, regardless of where the equipment is located; from the factory floor to remote sites. VersaCloud M2M solutions include interface hardware (Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Programmable Communications Gateways), communications links (Ethernet, WI-FI and cellular data including cellular data coverage plans) and an exclusive cloud portal with drag and drop features to allow you to customize and personalize multiple dash board pages for your exact needs.

VersaCloud M2M enabled programmable communications gateways provide an interface to and from other controllers and devices using standard communications and networks including Modbus TCP over Ethernet / Wi-Fi, Modbus Master/Slave over serial and CAN networks including SAEJ1939 and NMEA 2000 and connect to the VersaCloud M2M portal.

VersaCloud M2M enabled Programmable Logic Controllers are powerful and versatile programmable controllers that support ladder diagram, function block and structured text programming and provide powerful features including: Digital I/O, Analog I/O, High Speed Counting and Encoder interfaces. Powerful communications include Serial, Ethernet, J1939 and NMEA 2000 that provide interconnectivity to other controllers. With interconnectivity to the VersaCloud M2M portal.

When the best IOT solution is a custom one, our design team works with you from concept through implementation, providing you with insight and experience regarding features, functionality and reliability. Divelbiss has the expertise to design a custom IOT Solution to your specific requirements.

From custom IOT hardware to custom IOT Server and Data Solutions, Divelbiss works with you each step of the way.