The patented PLC on a Chip™ is a cost-effective, programmable embedded controller in one integrated circuit or module. All I/O and integrated features are pre-assigned to make PLC on a Chip™ a simplified solution to your control needs. PLC on a Chip™ uses the Divelbiss on-board EZ LADDER® kernel along with the Divelbiss EZ LADDER® Toolkit PC Software to develop the application program. No low level coding or drivers are required for standard features.

The PLC on a Chip's™ powerful control features includes control over digital I/O, analog I/O, and advanced communications (serial, Ethernet, CAN) and has nearly unlimited expansion capabilities with I2C and SPI bus support. It includes support for communications protocols Modbus, J1939 and NMEA 2000) and can directly interface to a keypad / LCD display.

PLC on a Chip Integrated Circuits and Modules are designed for custom control solutions with reduced development time and costs. Simply integrate the integrated circuit or module with your peripheral circuitry and start programming your ladder diagram / structured text application - no low level programming or drivers required.

Development kits are available to help getting started with PLC on a Chip designs.


  • SMT Integrated Circuit or Module with Thru-Hole Connectors
  • -40° to 80°C Operating Temperature
  • TTL Level
  • Up to 164 Digital I/O (on chip / module) - Expandable
  • Up to 8 Analog I/O (on chip / module) - Expandable
  • High Speed Counter Inputs / Quadrature Inputs
  • Communications Ports - Serial, CAN, Ethernet
  • Communications Protocols - Modbus Master/Slave, J1939, NMEA 2000
  • Keypad, LCD Display and SD Card Support
  • Easy to Program using EZ LADDER Toolkit Software - Ladder diagram / Structured Text

PLC on a Chip Integrated Circuits, Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Complete PLC features and functionality in a single integrated circuit. TTL level. All features pre-assigned - no low level programming.

PLC on a Chip Integrated Circuits pre-mounted in a module format, Thru-hole connections. Complete PLC features and functionality in a module. TTL level. All features pre-assigned - no low level programming required.