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May Divelbiss E-News: What can the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) do for you?, New Product Info

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May 19, 2015

Divelbiss E-News - May 2015

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NEW!Versatile Base (VB) Faceplate Kits and OverlaysIndustrial Internet of Things (IIOT) - What can it do for you?

Extended Temperature Versatile Base (VB-2000 Series) HMIs can be easy mounted using new Faceplate Kits

The extended temperature HMIs, models VBDSP-01 and VBDSP-02 can now be easily mounted and sealed to a door or door panel using a faceplate kit. A generic overlay with LED and button text comes installed on the faceplate.

The VBDSP-FPKIT-01 is designed for the 2x16 model VBDSP-01 and the VBDSP-FPKIT-02 is designed for the 4x20 model VBDSP-02.

All you have to do is look around you today to see how the internet and mobile devices have integrated into our daily lives. Now more than ever, instant information is becoming the new normal.

The industrial workplace is no different. Customers are requesting instant status, remote monitoring and even control to local and remote systems, devices and processes like never before.

Though forecast numbers vary greatly when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things, the consensus is that the market for the IIOT is going to grow dramatically by 2020.

Some questions to ask:

What value added technology and services can you add to your product offerings?

Will your customers need instant access to data and control?

Where do you start looking for solutions?

Divelbiss has the technology, expertise and services to work with you on your Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) needs.

Coming this summer, VersaCloud M2M, a complete, seamless end to end solution for remote monitoring, control and data reporting by Divelbiss Corporation.

With VersaCloud M2M you can get IIOT enabled with one stop. We have complete solutions including hardware, software, cloud and communications options for nearly any application.

Versatile Base VBDSP-XX Faceplate Kit with Overlay and Gasket

Each Faceplate kit includes the overlay, mounted on the faceplate, the sealing gasket and all the necessary hardware to mount the VBDSP-XX to the faceplate and the faceplate assembly into the door or panel. A door / panel cut-out is required.

For those wishing to mount the VBDSP-01 or VBDSP-02 directly to the panel door, we also offer the overlays as a separate item for a generic front panel. The application of the overlay will seal the VBDSP-XX button, LED an display cut-outs from the environment. See all the faceplate kits and overlays.

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