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March E-News - PLC Training and Software Updates

Divelbiss Corporation
Divelbiss Corporation

Design & Manufacture of off-the-shelf and custom Programmable Logic Controllers, Electronics & Internet of Things (IOT) Devices

March 10, 2015

Divelbiss E-News - March 2015

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PLCs and Control Training CoursesAre you Registered EZ LADDER User?

Since 2007, Divelbiss has supplied the PLC and Control training courses both for educational and personal study.

PLC Training Kit

For Educators:

The Education course is geared for PLC training for programs from the vocational level to the technical school level (2 year degree), and our customers have applied the training course as in-classroom and remote (on-line) class settings.

For a low cost ($); typically less than the cost of books for a single course, each student receives the training kit hardware, software and course materials allowing the student and teacher the flexibility for the learning location. Teachers are provided all the course material the students receive as well as additional materials for the teacher's use only.

For Individuals:

The Personal Study course course provides the hardware and course materials for a individuals to learn PLC basics without a classroom setting. Personal Study kits are only $299.

If you would like additional information regarding the PLCs and Control training courses or know a school program that could benefit from the education courses, please contact us.


As a registered EZ LADDER Toolkit, you are entitled to FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES.

As part of our on-going product improvements to both hardware and software, these free upgrades entitle you to the latest features that have been added to EZ LADDER Toolkit and your hardware products.

EZ LADDER updates will install into a separate directory (as an additional version) allowing you flexibility to continue with the version you have been using or the new version to take advantage of additional features.

To get the EZ LADDER Toolkit updates, go here. You will need your login and password that were provided when you registered EZ LADDER previously.

Contact us at 1-800-245-2327 if you need help with your login.


EZ LADDER and Control Seminars at Divelbiss

Jump start your project - get hands-on training at Divelbiss with controllers and EZ LADDER Toolkit

Hands on Training

The EZ LADDER and Control seminars provide for hands-on instruction with our controllers and EZ LADDER Toolkit covering a wide range of integration and programming topics. Seminars include the basics of PLCs, ladder diagrams basics, creating ladder diagrams including hands-on downloading, running and troubleshooting ladder diagrams. In addition, it includes comprehensive coverage of basics including variables, variable types, memory types and memory usage.

The basic functions and function blocks are covered for circuits including timers, counters, analog reading and conversion, comparison, bit manipulation, drum sequencers, math and many more including real world application of functions and circuits.

The available seminar dates and seminar outline can be found here.