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VersaCloud M2M Downloads and Example Programs

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The following downloads and examples are provided as an aid in implementing and using VersaCloud M2M Portal and device solutions. Examples include using the VCLOUD function block and custom structured text function examples for controlling other devices including the cellular data modem. Most download / examples include files for all supported VersaCloud targets and are zipped for easy download.

The ladder diagram files must be extracted from the zip file and saved to your computer before they can be opened in EZ LADDER Toolkit.

As more downloads and software examples are created, they will added to this download page. Only the most current version of any download or example is listed.

Software / Example Downloads:
Name Description Version Release Date Size Download Link
Cellular Data Modem Control Function Example VersaCloud M2M Structured Text Function Example for Controlling the Cellular Data Modem from the ladder diagram. 0 10/1/2015   Download
VersaCloud Device Activation to Portal Example Example using the VCLOUD function block to activate the device to the portal and to send variable data from the ladder diagram to the portal. 0 10/1/2015   Download
GPS Position to VersaCloud Portal Example Example reading GPS position and transmitting GPS position to the VeraCloud M2M Portal. 1 11/17/2015   Download
Related Application Notes:
Name Description Release Date Size Download Link
VersaCloud M2M Setup - Getting Started 7/30/2015 3924K Download