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Divelbiss White Papers

What can an embedded PLC do for your controls solution?:   Open Entire Paper
A cost-effective solution for an embedded PLC is the use of an Integrated Circuit (IC) that is a complete PLC. Using a single-chip PLC, development time is greatly reduced because the software drivers for various types of I/O are already embedded on the chip. Once the system I/O has been defined, the appropriate interface circuits can be added to the design and programming can be completed easily using the ladder logic programming language and software such as EZ LADDER.
Chip Based Controllers - Another Option:   Open Entire Paper
It goes without saying electronic controls are having a huge impact in both the utility vehicle and mobile equipment markets. Steer by wire, electronic shifters, and distributed hydraulic controls - just to name a few - are more the norm than the exception. A "tricked out" tractor cab resembles the cockpit of a jumbo jet far more than a traditional farm machine. In many cases, these advances in technology will make the difference between whether a company will survive or expire as world markets evolve.