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RMA Policy

Thank you for entrusting Divelbiss Technical Services with your Divelbiss product repair needs. Divelbiss strives to provide reliable product repairs at an affordable cost. This is our RMA policy which describes how we will handle your product return.

I. Authorization

  1. All product returns must have a Returned Material Authorization number. Products returned without RMA numbers may cause delays in processing or be rejected and returned to sender.
  2. If you do not have an RMA number, please call 1-800-245-2327 to request one. Please have your product model number, product serial number, your billing information and shipping information. A method of billing must be provided when requesting the RMA number.

II. Estimates & Billing

  1. You must provide a method of billing when the RMA number is requested. If credit is established, a Purchase order may be used. Otherwise we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or COD.
  2. Repair charges that are less than $100 (not including shipping charges) will automatically be billed to the provided method and the product returned.
  3. Repair charges that exceed $100 (not including shipping charges) will be estimated by fax. This faxed estimate must be approved, signed and faxed to Divelbiss Corporation for repair to proceed. Repair charges will be billed to the provided method of billing.
  4. If the product is estimated and you do not approve the repair, a $35 evaluation fee will be charged.
  5. If a product is determined un-repairable, a $25 evaluation fee will be charged. This fee will be waived if a replacement product is purchased from Divelbiss Corporation.
  6. If after 30 days, an estimate has not been approved or rejected, Divelbiss Corporation will return the the product with a $35 evaluation fee plus applicable shipping charges.

III. General

  1. Typical RMA processing time is 2 weeks or less.
  2. Warranty for repaired products is 30 days.
  3. Warranty status shall be determined during the RMA evaluation. Products found to be in warranty to be returned at no charge (including shipping). Products found to be out of warranty or the warranty voided due to improper use or damage will be charged accordingly
  4. Please provide the RMA number on the outside of the packaging on multiple sides. This will allow us to route and service your product quickly and efficiently.