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Automated greenhouse control system using Divelbiss Versatile Base (VB-2000) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Operator Interface (HMI).

Greenhouse operation utilizing a Versatile Base Programmble Logic Controller (PLC) , model VB-2000 automatically monitors temperature and moisture and controls heating, ventilation and water source.
Greenhouse automation for complete control of temperature, moisture and more using a Versatile Base Programmble Logic Controller (VB-2000).

The greenhouse is automated using the Versatile Base Programmable Logic Controller (VB-2000). The controller monitors the conditions of the greenhouse and soil then controls watering and temperature based on these reading and pre-programmed set points.

Refer to the diagram above for the location of:

Moisture Sensor Moisture Sensors The moisture sensors monitor the soil and calculates the amount of moisture remaining in the soil. This is compared to a set point and water is applied using the water pump / valve control (W) based on the need for additional soil moisture content. One moisture sensor is shown for reference. Multiple sensors should be used to gather readings from different areas of the soil. These readings should then be averaged and used to control the water application cycle.
Temperature Sensor / Thermocouple Temperature Sensors / Thermocouples Temperature sensors / thermocouples measure the current air temperature inside the greenhouse. The measured temperature is used to control the heating cycle and ventilation cycle. Based on programmed limits, air may be circulated by enabling the ventilation fans (HV). Based on programmed limits, heat may introduced to raise the greenhouse internal temperature. One temperature sensor is shown for reference. Multiple sensors should be used to gather readings from different areas of the greenhouse. These readings should then be averaged and used to control the temperature.
Heating and Ventilation Heating / Ventilation Control The heating / ventilation control serves two purposes. The first is the ventilation. Ventilation fans may be enabled to circulated air as required. When additional heat is required, the heater may be enabled in addition to ventilation to raise the internal temperature of the greenhouse. A motorized exhaust louvre or other fan may be required for circulation (not shown) based on the needs and design of the greenhouse. It can also be controlled from the VB-2000 Programmable Logic Controller.
Water Pumps and Valves Water Pump / Valve Control The water source is controlled using valve(s), pump(s) or a combination of the two. When additional moisture is needed for the plants, the water is enabled allowing water flow through the water distribution system. The water cycle can be based on Elapsed Time or monitoring moisture content. Additionally, the controller allows for a flow meter connection to monitor and control the water to meet a set water Flow Rate using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

The HMI (VBDSP-01) as shown is used to monitor current operation conditions and to configure operating parameters and set points for the soil moisture, temperature, ventilation and heating. The HMI (VB-DSP-01) also allows for viewing customized messages based on operating parameters and actual greenhouse needs.

Although not shown, additional sensors and control features may be added to the design for an additional level of automation. These may include, but are not limited to

  • Humidity Sensor / Control items to increase - decrease humidity
  • ph Sensor / Nutrient sources and valves to introduce nutrients to and mix with water