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Engine Driven Pump Control with J1939 Control using Versatile Base (VB-2000) Programmble Logic Controller (PLC).

A tank level is controlled by a Versatile Base Programmable Logic Controller (VB-2000) and an engine driven pump utilizing SAE J1939.
Engine Driven Pump Control - Tank water lever control utilizing VB-2000 Programmble Logic Controller with an engine driven pump and SAE J1939 communications for engine control including starting, running parameters and stopping.

Tank water level is monitored via two float limit switches (Upper Limit and Lower Limit) to the VB-2000 Programmable Logic Controller. When water level reaches the upper limit, the VB-2000 starts the engine and engine driven pump using SAE J1939 communications. The pump will cause the water level to decrease and when the water reaches the lower limit, the VB-2000 stops the engine and engine driven pump via SAE J1939 communications.

As shown, START and STOP buttons provide the system start and stop control.

Increase (INCR) and decrease (DECR) buttons allow for the ability to increase or decrease the engine RPM or flow rate set point.

Outputs are shown controlling two indicators (ALARM and RUNNING) to show the current system status.

An optional HMI is shown for more advanced configuration and messaging options.