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VersaGateway Programmable Gateway with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Cellular Data Modem and GPS. Includes 2 Serial Ports (RS232/RS485) and 2 CAN ports (SAE J1939/NMEA 2000). Supports Modbus and is VersaCloud M2M Enabled. Made in the USA.
P-Series Harsh Environment Controller (HEC) / PLC with 16 Digital Inputs (8-32VDC), 16 Digital Outputs with current feedback monitoring, 2 Field accessible analog inputs (0-20mA/0-5VDC/0-10VDC), SD Card Interface, 2 CAN ports (SAE J1939, NMEA 2000, OptiCAN), Cellular Data Modem and up to 6 Counter / Timer Channels. Made in the USA. VersaCloud M2M Enabled

The HEC-Gateway, Model HEC-GW-C-X Programmable Communications Harsh Environment Gateway for Local Device and Network Interfacing, Remote Monitoring, Reporting and Control with Cellular Data Connectivity.

The HEC-GW-C-X Harsh Environment Gateway is a ideal interface for remote control and monitoring from the cloud and between the devices with SAE J1939, Modbus and when minimal I/O is required.

The HEC- Gateway model HEC-GW-C-X is a minimal I/O, programmable communications gateway and interface that provides communications solutions for serial devices and networked devices to communicate to each other and communicate to the cloud (internet) using Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M.

The HEC-GW-C-X (HEC Gateway) supports Cellular Data Communications and standard features including 1 Digital Output, 1 Digital Input, 2 Analog Inputs, 2 RS232 Serial Ports, 1 CAN Port (Isolated, NMEA 2000 Compliant Port), a real time clock, a microSD Card for software updates or data logging as well as input power and battery power monitoring. The HEC-Gateway supports Modbus Master and Slave over serial, custom serial drivers may be programmed using the on-board Structured Text. The CAN port supports SAE J1939, NMEA 2000 and OptiCAN.

GPS functionality is available on the HEC-Gateway by adding the HEC-P5-GPS option (plug-in external GPS module, sold separately).

The HEC-Gateway includes 512K of SRAM (Static RAM, Battery Backed-up RAM) that is accessed using Structured Text and may be used for data storage or data logging.

The HEC-GW-C-X is VersaCloud M2M enabled. Equipment connected to the HEC-Gateway may be monitored and controlled locally using Modbus (serial) or remotely with VersaCloud M2M (Cellular Data Modem) using any internet connected device such as a tablet, computer or smart phone through a VersaCloud M2M Portal*. The VersaGateway GPS feature provides location data that may be used to identify equipment status and location for mobile applications.

HEC-Gateway communication to the VersaCloud M2M portal is available using Cellular Data**..

* VersaCloud M2M Connectivity requires VersaCloud M2M Portal. Additional fees apply. See VersaCloud M2M for details.
** Cellular Data provided by Divelbiss Corporation. Data and additional fees apply.

The HEC-GW-C-X Harsh Environment Programmable Communications Gateway provides interfacing  for remote monitoring and control from the cloud (Cellular Data) and between devices using Serial (Modbus), and CAN (SAE J1939 / NMEA 2000) and  includes additional Digital and Analog I/O for direct connection to sensors, switches and indicators.
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VersaCloud m2M Enabled
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 The HEC-Gateway, Model HEC-GW-C-X Programmable Communications Harsh Environment Gateway for Local Device and Network Interfacing, Remote Monitoring, Reporting and Control with Cellular Data Connectivity. Features:
- Programmable using EZ LADDER® Toolkit
- 1 Isolated NMEA 2000 Compliant CAN Port
- Supports CAN Networks: SAE J1939, NMEA 2000, OptiCAN
- 2 Serial Ports, RS232
- Supports Modbus Master / Slave over Serial
- Programmable LED Indicator
- 9-32VDC / -40 to 80 degrees C Operating Temperature
- microSD Card Support for Software Updates and Data Logging
- 512K Batttery Backed RAM (SRAM) for Data Storage and Data Logging
- 1 Digital Input / Counter Input, 8-32VDC, Configurable as NPN, PNP
- 1 Digital Output / PWM Output, 2 Amps, 8-32VDC (Sourced by Input Power)
- 2 Analog Inputs, Configurable 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC or 0-20mADC
- Input Power and Battery Monitor from Ladder Diagram
- Supports HEC-P5-GPS GPS Module
- Real Time Clock
- VersaCloud M2M Enabled via Cellular Data Modem

 Included with The HEC-Gateway, Model HEC-GW-C-X Programmable Communications Harsh Environment Gateway for Local Device and Network Interfacing, Remote Monitoring, Reporting and Control with Cellular Data Connectivity.
Qty Part Number   Description
1 HEC-GW-C-X   Harsh Environment Programmable Communications Gateway, Model HEC-GW-C-X
1 138-107908   Cellular Data Modem Antenna

CPU / Programming Specifications
Processor: P-Series PLC on a Chip™ based.
Programming Language: Ladder Diagram, Function Block and Structured Text using EZ LADDER Toolkit
Memory Specifications
Flash Program Storage: 512K
RAM: 32K
EEPROM: 3500 Bytes
FRAM Retentive Memory: 480 Bytes
Real Time Clock: Yes, Month, Day, Year, Day of Week, Hour, Minute, Second
Static (Battery Backed) SRAM: 512K
Digital I/O Specifications
LED Indicators: 1 Programmable LED Indicator, 2 Status LED Indicators
Number of Inputs: 2
Input Type: 1 Input as Digital Input or High Speed Counter Input, configurable as NPN/PNP; 1 Internal Switch - ON/OFF Readable in Ladder Logic Program.
Counter Input Frequency: Up Counters: 100KHz Maximum, Quadrature Input: 100KHz Maximum
Input Voltage: 8-32VDC
Number of Outputs: 1
Output Type: Solid-State Sourcing
Output Voltage: 8-32VDC (Sourced by Input Power)
Output Current: 2A Maximum per output
Over-current Protection: Yes
Pulse Width Modulation Outputs: Yes, Solid-State Output can be configured as either Digital Output or Pulse Width Modulation Output (PWM)
Pulse Width Modulation Frequency: 1.0 Hz to 1.0 KHz
I/O Expandable: Yes, Using OptiCAN Network and other Harsh Environment I/O Modules (HEC)
Analog I/O Specifications
Number of Analog Inputs: Qty 4. 2 Field Accessible (configurable 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mADC), 1 for Battery Monitor, 1 for Input Power Monitor
Analog Input Resolution: 12-Bit
Power Specifications
Input Power: 9-32VDC
Other Specifications
Number of Serial Ports: 2, RS232 Ports
Number of CAN Ports: 1, 1 Isolated NMEA 2000 Compliant
Networking Yes, J1939, NMEA 2000, OptiCAN, Modbus Slave, Modbus Master
SD Card Interface: Yes, micro SD Card Interface for software updates and data logging.
GPS Support: Yes, using External HEC-P5-GPS (not included)
VersaCloud M2M Enabled Yes via Celluar Data Modem
Mechanical and Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature: -40C to 80C
Storage Temperature: -40C to 85C
Dimensions: 5.24" x 4.63" x 1.43" excluding antennas
Enclosure: Yes, Plastic
Mounting: Subplate Mount

*All Product Specifications Subject to Change without Notice

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 Manuals / Datasheets / How To's / Other Documents
Title Description File Released Size
EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for P-Series based Products EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for P-Series based PLC on a Chip Products Download 8/19/2015 12157K
HEC-Gateway Programmable Communications Gateway User Manual User Manual for HEC-Gateway Programmable Communications Gateways Download 11/30/2015 3627K
HEC- Gateway Brochure HEC- Gateway Brochure Download 11/30/2015 444K

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