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Solves-It! Plug-in PLC. 4 Sourcing Inputs (10-24VDC), 4 Sourcing Solid-state Outputs (10-24VDC@300mA). One input can be utilized as Counter Input. Real Time Clock, 4-Digit display and programmable push buttons. Input Power = 10-24VDC. Made in the USA.

SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Solves-It! Programmable Timer Application Module

The SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Solves-It! Programmable Timer Application Module is a four channel timer module. Each channel is independent, may be configured as either on-delay or off-delay, has an enable input and controls an output. Each channel may be configured using the display and push buttons and can operated from .1 seconds to 300 seconds.

The actual application module program may be modified. Download the application program from our website. The Application Module Programming Kit (SI-APPMOD-PGMKIT) is required.

The SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Solves-It! Programmable Timer Application Module is a four channel timer module. Each channel is independent and may be configured as either on-delay or off-delay.
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 SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Solves-It! Programmable Timer Application Module Features:
- 4 Individual Timer Channels
- Each Channel may be Configured as TON or TOF
- Each Channel has Individual Enable Input
- 4 Channel Outputs - 1 per Channel
- Menu Changeable Setpoints
- 1 Second Timer Resolution
- Time up to 300 Seconds
- Pre-programmed
- Program May Be Edited to Change or Add Functionality

 Included with SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Solves-It! Programmable Timer Application Module
Qty Part Number   Description
1 SI-200   Solves-It! Plug-in PLC Model 200 with Preloaded Application Module Software
1 2008011.X   User Manual / Datasheet
1 115-105328   11-Pin Octal Din Rail Mounting Socket
4 111-101012   Commutating Diodes

CPU / Programming Specifications
Processor: PLC on a Chip™ based.
Solves-It! Model: SI-200
Programming Language: Ladder Diagram using EZ LADDER Toolkit
Memory Specifications
Flash: 64K
Real Time Clock: Yes (Month, Day, Year, Hour, Minute, Second)
Digital I/O Specifications
Total Number of Inputs: 4
Total Number of Outputs 4
Number Assigned of Outputs: 4, Sourcing Solid-state (Channel 1 Output / Channel 2 Output / Channel 3 Output / Channel 4 Output)
Output Voltage: 10-24.5VDC (I/O Power is equal to Input Power)
Output Current: 300mADC per Output. 1 Amp Maximum Output Load @ 24VDC
Number of Assigned Inputs: 4, Sourcing (Channel 1 Enable / Channel 2 Enable / Channel 3 Enable / Channel 4 Enable)
LED Indicators: 4 Programmable LED Indicators, 1 Status LED Indicator
Number of Push-button Inputs: 2
Power Specifications
Input Power: 10-24.5VDC @ 150mADC (excludes I/O current)
Display & Keypad Specifications
Display: Yes
Display Type: 4 Digits, 7-Segment Programmable LED
Mechanical and Environmental Specifications
Dimensions: 2.4" Wide x 1.75" Length x 4.2" Tall
Operating Temperature: 0-60C
Mounting: Plugs into industry standard 11-pin Octal Relay Socket
Enclosure: Yes, Plastic Housing

*All Product Specifications Subject to Change without Notice

 Compatible Application Modules / Kits
Solves-It! Application Module Programming Kit
 Compatible Programming Cables
Solves-It!, Versatile Base, Micro Bear and other PLCs and Devices Programming Cable Assembly
USB to RS232 Serial Port (COM Port) Cable.
 Other Compatble Accessories
Lot of 10 Commutating Diodes for Inductive DC Loads less than 100V.
Power Supply, 85-264VAC to 24VDC @ 1.5 Amps. Din-rail mount.
11 Pin Octal Relay Socket for Solves-It! Plug-in PLCs.

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 Manuals / Datasheets / How To's / Other Documents
Title Description File Released Size
EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for M-Series based Products EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for M-Series PLC on a Chip based products. Download 7/9/2015 6097K
I-APPMOD-TIMES4 User Manual User Manual for Solves-It! 4 Channel Timer Application Module Download 11/5/2008 502K
Solves-It! Application Module Brochure Solves-It! Application Module Brochure Download 5/13/2009 117K

Title Description File Released Size
SI-APPMOD-TIMES4 Application Software Solves-It! 4 Channel Timer application software. For use with Solves-It! Model SI-200. Download 11/4/2008 13K

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