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On-Site Training Seminars

  • Hands-on Experience

  • Adapted to your Application Needs

  • Understand programming for all PLC on a Chip™ products.

  • Cost-effective training for multiple students.

On-Site Training: EZ LADDER® Toolkit & PLC on a Chip™ Control Products Seminar

  • Practical hands-on Training
  • Step-by-step Instruction
  • Real World Exercises
  • Application Driven Interaction
EZ Ladder® Toolkit and PLC on a Chip™ Control Products Training

The EZ LADDER® and Control Seminar is interactive, hands-on training sessions to educate technical personnel in the basics, implementation and programming PLC on a Chip based controllers using the EZ LADDER Toolkit. The EZ LADDER and Control Seminar is ideal for those integrating, applying or programming any Divelbiss PLC on a Chip™ based products; including: Solves-It!, Harsh Environment Controllers (HEC), Enhanced Baby Bear, PCS, PLC on a Chip™ or PLC on a Chip™ Module.

Participants will learn hardware controller basics, how to select the proper controller, implement it, and program the application in ladder diagram. While a basic outline is followed for each session, it is encouraged that participants bring thier application so the seminar can be adapted to individual needs.

Each location must provide a projector capable of accepting a VGA input, a white board, markers and erasers, power strips (115VAC) for the hardware. Each participant to provide their own laptop. Administrator privledges are required to install EZ LADDER® on each laptop.

On-site Details
Seminars will be held at your specified location. Contact Divelbiss for a quote. Each participant will receive a fully licensed copy of EZ LADDER® Standard Edition (a $200 value).

EZ LADDER® Toolkit and PLC on a Chip™ Control Products Seminar Details

  • Seminar Dates
  • Seminar Outline
Please contact Divelbiss to schedule your on-site training seminar.
The program outline below lists topics covered. PLCs & Control - A Practical Approach course will be the basis of the seminar. The material is presented in a concise manner that makes it easily understandable. Example programs for each of the function types provide positive re-enforcement for the theory covered in the section.

I. PLC & Control - An Overview
Introduction to Electrical Control Circuits
Early Relay Logic Control 
What Is a PLC?            
Advantages to Using PLCs  
What to Look for in a PLC            

II. PLC/Control Digital I/O Circuits
PLC Input Circuits
PLC Output Circuits
Network I/O
Common Power Supplies 

III. PLC/Control Wiring Practices
Understanding Wire Types
Wire Routing

IV. PLC Programming Basics
Ladder Logic Diagram basics
Links & Power Rails                                                              
Ladder Logic Diagram Scanning
Understanding PLC on a Chip™ Hardware
The Solves-It! Trainer
Getting to Know EZ LADDER
Hardware Targets
Objects & Functions
Verifying & Compiling Projects
Downloading & Running Projects

V. Basic Circuits
AND (Series) Circuit
OR (Parallel) Circuit
Combination Parallel/Series Circuits

VI. Timer Circuits
Timer Circuits
Delay on Pickup Circuit
Delay on Drop-out Circuit
Combining Timer Circuits

VII. Counter Circuits     
Count Up Circuit
Count Down Circuit
Up/Down Counter Circuit
High Speed Counting

VIII. Analog Circuits w/Math
Analog Inputs  (0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA)
Scaling Analog Inputs
Averaging Analog Inputs   

IX. Comparison Circuits
Basic Comparison Circuits
Advanced Selection and Limiting Circuits
Hysteresis in Control

X. Bit Manipulation Circuits
Bit Manipulation Circuits 
Packing / Unpacking Bits to/From Integers

XI. Trigger & Latching Circuits
Triggering Circuits
Flip Flops
Latching / Unlatching Circuits

XII. Memory  Types & Circuits
Types of Memory - Volatile/Non-volatile
Retentive Memory

XIII. Drum Sequencer Circuits
What Is a Drum Sequencer
 Understanding a Drum Sequencer Matrix

XIV. Displaying Control Values
Displaying Values
Display Update Rates

XV. Variable Conversion Circuits
Why Convert Variable Types

XVI. Putting it all Together