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Factory Training Seminars

  • Hands-on Experience

  • Adapted to your Application Needs

  • Understand programming for all Bear Basic products.

Hands-On Product Training: Bear Basic Seminar

  • Practical hands-on Training
  • Step-by-step Instruction
  • Real World Exercises
  • Application Driven Interaction
Control with Basic Seminar

The Bear Basic Seminar is interactive, hands-on training sessions to educate technical personnel in the basics, implementation and programming of Divelbiss BASIC controllers. The Bear Basic Seminar is ideal for those integrating, applying or programming any Divelbiss BASIC controllers; including: Boss Bear, Boss 32, Universal Control Panel and Universal Machine Controller.

Participants will learn hardware controller basics, how to select the proper controller, implement it, and program the application in Bear Basic (a multi-tasking BASIC language). While a basic outline is followed for each session, it is encouraged that participants bring thier application so the seminar can be adapted to individual needs.

What you should bring
Each participant should bring material for taking notes and their own laptop computer for hands-on programming. We recommend each participant also bring a USB-thumb drive.

What is included
The Bear Basic Seminar is at no cost to Divelbiss customers and potential customers. Seminars will be held a the Divelbiss Corporate Headquarters in Fredericktown, Ohio. Lunch is provided both days. Hotel and travel arrangements are not included; although we can assist in lodging needs.

Registration is required for each session. Please reserve early as class size is limited to promote seminars that are customized to individual participant's needs.

Bear Basic Seminar Details

  • Seminar Dates
  • Seminar Outline
Seminar dates are currently scheduled on an as need basis. Please contact Divelbiss to schedule a date for your Bear Basic seminar.
The program outline below lists topics covered. The material is presented in a concise manner that makes it easily understandable. Example programs for each of the function types provide positive re-enforcement for the theory covered in the section.

I. Product Overview
The origin - Understanding Original Bear Bones
BASIC Controllers - the basics

II. Programming with Safety
Off-line Program Testing
Emergency Stop

III. Boss Bear Overview
Models & Features

IV. Universal Control Panel Overview
Models & Features

V. Boss 32 Overview
Models & Features

VI. Universal Machine Controller
Models & Features

VII. Connecting to the Controller     
Serial Port Basics & Settings
Required Software
Required Cables

VIII. Bear Basic Direct Commands
Commands for Recalling / Storing Programs
Compiler Commands
Miscellaneous Direct Commands

IX. Variables
Variable Basics, Requirements & Limitations
Declaring Variables
Variable Arrays


X. User Interface
Displaying Data on Display
Printing Data to Serial Ports
Reading Built-in Keypad
Reading Data from Serial Port

XI. Digital I/O
Input and Output Commands
I/O Addressing and Numbering

XII. Analog I/O
Reading Analog Inputs
Scaling Analog Inputs
Real vs Integer?
Controlling Analog Outputs

XIII. High Speed Counter
High Speed Counter Overview
High Speed Counter Commands
Counter Interrupt
Hardware vs Software Latch
High Speed Output

XIV. EEPROM & Memory Storage
Types of Memory Storage
Storing and Recalling Data

XV. Real Time Clock
Setting Date & Time
Reading Date & Time

XVI. Multi-Tasking
Multi-tasking Basics
Resource Locking
Controlling Task Priority