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Education Tools and Resources: Programmable Logic Control Hardware & Courseware

PLC Basics and Ladder Logic Programming: Hands-on Training

Programmable Logic Hardware and Courseware for Educators

Divelbiss is an Ohio corporation founded in 1974 and has been manufacturing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for industry since 1976. Divelbiss is recognized by industry for our innovative solutions. The patented PLC on a Chip® allows PLC functionality to be embedded in products that have typically been passive building blocks for machinery. Cylinders, valves, and fans to name a few.

In an effort to make learning PLC application and programming more affordable, the Divelbiss Technical Services Group developed this training course for use by educators. The basic outline closely mirrors the material presented when providing training for our industrial customers. The hardware items are the same products being used worldwide in commercial and industrial control applications.

The study outline is comprised of 16 blocks which, taken in order, build on one another to teach the basics of PLCs in addition to programming a controller using ladder logic with function block. The course is designed for hands-on study using standard hardware manufactured by Divelbiss.

To achieve the optimum benefit from this study course, each student will have a personal trainer in addition to the textbook, workbook, and equipment manuals provided on the CD. This helps maximizes time for teaching as opposed to programs where resources need to be shared and/or scheduled. Portability helps make this a practical solution.

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The program outline below lists topics covered in each section of PLCs & Control - A Practical Approach course of study. The material is presented in a concise manner that makes it easily understandable. Example programs for each of the function types provide positive re-enforcement for the theory covered in the section. All material on the CD for printing is provided in PDF format to allow access for quick reference.

I. PLC & Control - An Overview
Introduction to Electrical Control Circuits
Early Relay Logic Control 
What Is a PLC?            
Advantages to Using PLCs  
What to Look for in a PLC            

II. PLC/Control Digital I/O Circuits
PLC Input Circuits
PLC Output Circuits
Network I/O
Common Power Supplies 

III. PLC/Control Wiring Practices
Understanding Wire Types
Wire Routing

IV. PLC Programming Basics
Ladder Logic Diagram basics
Links & Power Rails                                                              
Ladder Logic Diagram Scanning
The Solves-It! Trainer
Getting to Know EZ LADDER
Hardware Targets
Objects & Functions
Verifying & Compiling Projects
Downloading & Running Projects

V. Basic Circuits
AND (Series) Circuit
OR (Parallel) Circuit
Combination Parallel/Series Circuits

VI. Timer Circuits
Timer Circuits
Delay on Pickup Circuit
Delay on Drop-out Circuit
Combining Timer Circuits

VII. Counter Circuits     
Count Up Circuit
Count Down Circuit
Up/Down Counter Circuit
High Speed Counting

VIII. Analog Circuits w/Math
Analog Inputs  (0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA)
Scaling Analog Inputs
Averaging Analog Inputs   

IX. Comparison Circuits
Basic Comparison Circuits
Advanced Selection and Limiting Circuits
Hysteresis in Control

X. Bit Manipulation Circuits
Bit Manipulation Circuits 
Packing / Unpacking Bits to/From Integers

XI. Trigger & Latching Circuits
Triggering Circuits
Flip Flops
Latching / Unlatching Circuits

XII. Memory  Types & Circuits
Types of Memory - Volatile/Non-volatile
Retentive Memory

XIII. Drum Sequencer Circuits
What Is a Drum Sequencer
 Understanding a Drum Sequencer Matrix

XIV. Displaying Control Values
Displaying Values
Display Update Rates

XV. Variable Conversion Circuits
Why Convert Variable Types

XVI. Putting it all Together
The Solves-It! (SI-210) is a plug-in PLC with a total of 6 digital I/O; two of which are dedicated outputs. The remaining four may be used as either inputs or outputs. An analog input, 4-digit display, and programmable push-buttons are also included. The PLC plugs into the trainer board. Power is supplied by the trainer board's Class II transformer.

The trainer board provides slide switches for input to the PLC as well as a push-button for input to the counter. A potentiometer produces the analog, and LEDs provide output status. The terminal strip provides parellel I/O points to allow other devices such as a photoelectric switch to be directly connected to the Solves-It!
Student Training Kit

The PLCs and Control, A Practical Approach textbook is fully illustrated and uses “real world” application examples developed from our engineering case files.

PLC Basics and Ladder Logic Programming: Hands-on Training Course Textbook

Teaching Kit (Divelbiss PN# ETS-KIT-TEACH-001) contents:
- Teaching CD PN# EDTSCD-001 (Teaching Guide, EZ Ladder® Toolkit Software, and Manuals)
- SI-210 Solves-It! Analog Plug-in PLC
- SI-DEMO-02 Trainer/Simulator Board for SI-210
- SI-PGM Programming Cable

Student Kit (Divelbiss PN# ETS-KIT-STDNT-001) contents:
- Student CD PN# EDTSCD-002 (Workbook, Textbook, EZ Ladder® Toolkit Software, and Manuals)
- SI-210 Solves-It! Analog Plug-in PLC
- SI-DEMO-02 Trainer/Simulator Board for SI-210
- SI-PGM Programming Cable

*Course materials are contained in two kits to simplify ordering.

The following downloadable files are related to the School Education Program.

Manuals / Datasheets / How To's / Other Documents
Title Description File Released Size
EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for M-Series based Products EZ LADDER Toolkit Manual for M-Series PLC on a Chip based products. Download 7/9/2015 6097K
SI-110 / SI-210 User Manual Solves-It! User Manual for Models 110/210 Download 2/13/2015 871K
Solves-It! Trainer (Demo) 01/02 User Manual Solves-It! Trainier/Demo Manual for Models 01/02 Download 4/15/2008 399K
Education-Training Kit Program Brochure Education-Training Kit Program Brochure Download 5/13/2009 724K
School Training Program Textbook Sample PLCs and Control, A Practical Approach School Training Materials Example Text Download 5/18/2009 117K