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Programming & Software for

  • Embedded Devices

  • PC Based Applications

  • Complete System Software

  • Wireless / Radio Applications

Software Development & Programming

Divelbiss offers complete programming and software development services for embedded devices and electronics, PC Application Software and Complete System Integration.

While the PC world is slowly beginning to realize the importance of a robust software package and operating system, it has been our priority all along. In today's industry, Divelbiss understands the importance of quality, well-written software that functions without critical loss of production time. We strive to identify and implement the best software/programming solution and language to fit your application, providing you with the features you need and the reliability that is a must have.

From simple embedded applications to complex communications including wireless, GPS and Mesh networks, Divelbiss has the experience.

Embedded Device Software / Programming

Since 1974, Divelbiss has led the way with embedded software development. From dedicated device programming to programmable logic controllers, we have always provided robust and reliable software for embedded devices, one-shot programmables and other microprocessors.

We have extensive experience and working knowledge of the following embedded languages and processor platforms:

  • C
  • C++
  • Assembler
  • Java
  • Windows CE
  • Coldfire
  • Z180, Z380
  • HC12 Family
  • Arm Processors
  • Real Time Operating System
  • X86
  • DSP
  • HC08
  • 8051
  • Various Others
Embedded System and PC Software Development and Programming

PC Based Application Software / Programming

Divelbiss was a pioneer in the industry by providing one of the first PC ladder logic programming platforms.

Today we offer the same expertise and experience to you for your PC application. Our programming ranges from simple PC applications to complex applications that require communications including the internet, databases and remote control.

We have experience and knowledge of the following programming languages and operating systems:

PC Application Software Development
  • C++
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Vista
  • .net
  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • Windows XP
  • Database
  • Linux
  • Windows CE
  • Visual C

Complete System Software Integration

Divelbiss also provides complete system software integration. We combine all the required technology and languages creating a complete system. This includes the integration of embedded and PC software programs, communications, storage and reporting features to other devices. Our philosophy is to provide a total solution to your product application.