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Why Choose Our Design Team?

  • We work with you on your products features and specifications to give you an edge over your competitors.

  • We evaluate technology choices to give you the best product for your needs.

  • We keep you informed of progress and promote additional input from you during the design phase.

  • Your product is designed to meet your needs: features, packaging and labeling

Product Design: Concept to Delivery

With over 35 years experience in electronic design and development, Divelbiss has a history of developing successful products for our customers. From product concept to specification, design through production, we are with you each step of the way providing information, expertise and experience.


Product Concept to Specification

The Divelbiss Engineering team works with you to to develop product specifications from your exact needs including but not limited to functional requirements, new features, and product packaging. These specifications become a road map to your final product; ensuring your final product meets your exact requirements.

We work with you to understand your product and process. We use this knowledge to brainstorm product features, current needs, future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost. Working together brings you a product with features your customers want and need today as well as tomorrow, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

Product Concept to Specification

Specification to Delivery

Using the specifications, we design your product including Electronic Design, Printed Circuit Board Layout, and Mechanical Design including 3-D Modeling. Once the design is completed, a prototype is manufactured and tested using our rigorous testing standards as well as any other testing requirements. A prototype is then delivered to you for your own testing and approval.

From hardware to software, we work with you each step of the way to give you the best product that meets your needs.

Specification to Delivery

Design Experience

  • HVAC Control
  • Mobile Tire Test
  • Engine Injection / Control / Governing
  • Packaging Equipment Control
  • Industrial Mixing Control
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Welding System Control
  • Chemical Dispensing & Measurement
  • Wastewater Control & Monitoring
  • Card Access Control Systems
  • Thermoforming Control
  • SCADA Systems
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Wireless Applications
  • Telematics

  • Mobile Hydraulics Control
  • Elevator Control
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Fuel Dispensing System Control
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Shooting Range Target System Control
  • Pump Control
  • Engine Communication Systems
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Die Cast Injection Servo Control
  • Industrial Winding / Winders
  • Dynamometer Systems
  • Industrial Serial Bus & Network Systems