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PCB Design for Performance and Manufacturing
  • 2 to Multiple Layers
  • Controlled Impedance
  • High Speed Designs
  • Panelization for Maximum Quantity / Minimum Price
  • Panelization for Manufacturability
  • Any Shape / Any Size
  • RoHS or Non-RoHS

Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout

Divelbiss has over 35 years experience in printed circuit board design and layout. From a simple 2 layer thu-hole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to fine pitch, multi-layer Surface Mount Technology PCB, we have the expertise, experience and tools to bring your product out of design and into the real world.

We offer schematic to printed circuit board (PCB) layout with the flexibility of adjusting the PCB layout to accomodate specific design needs and criteria.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Capabilities

  • Thru-hole and Surface Mount Technology
  • 2 to Multiple Layers
  • Custom Shapes
  • Single Board or Panelization
  • RoHS or Standard PCB Design
  • Custom Part Creation
  • PCB Revision History/Archive
  • Layout to IPC Specifications
  • High Speed Design
  • Controlled Impedance
  • EMC Compatability
  • Layout for UL / CSA Compliance
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and Design