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Agency Approval

Divelbiss understands the complexity of today's markets. If you find your market requires agency approvals, we are here to assist you in obtaining approval for all our custom electronic designs: PLCs, Systems, and Electronic Devices.

Divelbiss will work with you and the lab or agency with the end-result being approval. Divelbiss engineers will provide documentation, information and support during this testing phase. Product changes and alternatives will be discussed and action taken to ensure your quality product is ready to sell in your market.

Experience with

  • Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)
  • CSA International
  • CE Compliance
  • SAE Standards
  • TUV
  • IEC Standards
  • FCC
  • Hazardous Locations / Hazloc
  • ATEC
Agency Approval, UL, CSA, SAE, CE